Sire Lines

JSR sire lines are world-renowned, offering great performance, efficiency and consistency to pig producers. Our commitment to improving meat quality ensures that we are producing pigs that truly are fit for farm and fit for fork.

JSR Quattro

The JSR Quattro is a Hampshire based sire line that has been ‘bred for health’. Developed in the UK since 2012, the JSR Quattro has been selected to be K88 E-coli resistant, which is the basis for most early on farm infections, and is proven to perform well in low antibiotic input farms. This sire line has exceptional growth and FCR in all situations and environments; it is also recognised as coping well with a zero zinc inclusion diet..

  • Over 6 years of UK based development
  • Strong piglet vitality
  • High carcass quality
  • Exceptional growth in all situations
JSR Quatro

Geneconverter 400

The JSR Geneconverter 400 is a Hampshire based sire line sourced from stock raised without the use of antibiotic growth promoters since 1986. The result is an animal which breeds progeny with low levels of mortality due to improved levels of immunity and high feed intake, leading to good growth rates.

With genomic options providing animals with levels of meat eating quality, this terminal sire is allowing producers to produce high quality pork from pigs easily achieving 120kg across a range of finishing facilities, with minimal medication and without detrimental grading penalties.

  • Strong, fast growing piglets
  • Suitable across a wide range of finishing facilities
  • Minimal medication requirements
  • Superior meat eating quality options
Geneconverter 400

Geneconverter 900

The JSR Geneconverter 900 delivers the most impressive performance results we have ever seen against all our competitors, growing 60-110g/day faster from weaning to slaughter in independent trials, and is the most cost effective terminal sire available to UK producers, being up to three weeks quicker to slaughter.

It achieves this through improved feed intake without a detrimental impact on FCR founded on previous generations of genomic selection. The Geneconverter 900 has reset the standards expected by producers across the UK.

  • Large, strong litters at birth
  • High appetite without compromising efficiency
  • Exceptional early growth
  • Lowest cost of production
Geneconverter 900

Red Duroc

JSR Genetics has sought a Red Duroc that delivers strong performance throughout its’ entire life. This has lead them to source the highest ranking Durocs measure on the US National Swine Registry. The line with 120 years of development is a robust high performer from birth to slaughter with strong piglets at birth, strong animals at weaning and also during the nursery phase with very low levels of mortality and morbidity. Unlike other sources of Duroc this line does not need additional management input during the weaner/grower phase.

This coupled with the characteristic Duroc high growth during the finisher stage due to good levels of feed intake mean larger proportions of pigs making full market weight.

  • Low mortality and morbidity during weaner/grower phase
  • Minimal management intervention
  • Excellent finishing performance
  • Higher numbers of full weight market pigs
Red Duroc