Research & Genetics

JSR have a large research and development improvement programme, shared with our partners Topigs Norsvin, working with leading scientific groups in both the UK and overseas.

Our focus is on improving and maximising the physical and financial performance of pig meat production ensuring the product is fit for farm and fit for fork. JSR and Topigs Norsvin apply their research across 5 themed scientific programmes: Reproduction; Feeding; Health & Environment; Genetics & Genomics; and Carcase and Meat Quality.

Research and Genetics

University of Kent

JSR research in reproduction is focused around the Griffin Lab at the University of Kent, where JSR have established a full IVF facility sharing knowledge with human fertility groups. Our areas of study include semen abnormality, motility and genomics of infertility.

Roslin Institute

Our research in genetics and genomics uses the experienced teams at the Roslin Institute, part of the University of Edinburgh. This has historically included work in quantitative genetics, QTL mapping, genetics of disease resistance and immunity, mapping of conditions of Mendelian inheritance and genomic assisted prediction of breeding values.

Harper Adams University

The pig unit at Harper Adams University is sponsored by JSR. The site is used for the optimisation of nutritional requirements of JSR's genetics plus trials of lines against competitor products. JSR regularly interact with the team at Harper Adams on other student research projects and contribute to lectures and courses at the university.

JSR Food Quality Centre

JSR historically undertook meat eating quality research at the University of Bristol but, with changes of facilities and personnel, JSR have now invested in an MSc-qualified meat scientist, fully trained taste panel and food quality centre to assess the quality of our products to processors, retailers and consumers. More information on the Food Quality Centre can be found by clicking here.

Outside the UK, JSR cooperate with Topigs Norsvin at other leading research establishments globally to deliver work relevant to the five research platforms.

JSR Research and Genetics JSR Research and Genetics