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The JSR Genepacker 150 is our white but robust outdoor F1 parent produced from a first generation cross between our JSR Genepacker 2 (Landrace) and White Duroc dam lines. This White Duroc parent continues to perform in the harshest of environments thanks to the combination of prolificacy and robustness provided from two dam lines.


The JSR Genepacker 150 allows outdoor producers to achieve year round output in excess of 13 pigs born alive without detrimental impacts on the sow and piglet mortality during the lactation period. The inclusion of a 50% White Duroc rather than the traditional 50% Red Duroc or lowering Duroc inclusion means that outdoor producers are not restricted in their choice of terminal sire line and ca use the most profitable coloured terminal sires available in the market without impacting on the value of the slaughter progeny. 

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