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JSR Genepool Select

Genepool Select is a closed herd genetic management programme suitable for customers and businesses that require a low risk system for generating replacement parent gilts.

JSR Genepool Select

Genepool Select is an internet based programme that is available worldwide and in any language. It is suitable for all types of farms, location or systems and it can be used with a two way criss-cross system for gilt production using dam line semen from JSR Genetics.

A tailored package is designed around your production pyramid utilising litter size and parity data entered on to the Genepool Select web based application. In return the system generates weekly reports detailing the best sows for use in the gilt replacement programme and the lowest performing animals needing to be culled from the herd.

This simplified version of our genetic improvement programme will ensure customers using this service achieve around 75% of the improvement in numbers born alive achieved by those businesses who regularly buy in replacement gilts. The use of Genepool Select to select sows for gilt replacement programmes improves profitability of the sow by £2.99/sow/year compared to no selection system being used. This represents an improvement of £14,950 per year for a 5,000 sow business and due to the cumulative nature of genetic improvement, £89,700 after 3 years of continual use of the system.

Benefits of the system:

  • Simple to use - no complicated genetic programme to manage
  • Low risk & low investment
  • Excellent genetic progress on dam line traits
  • Excellent Biosecurity (closed herd) – only semen required
  • No requirement for a GGP/GP herd within your own herd
  • Produce gilts already adapted to your unit environment
  • No software installation - only internet connection required

Customers who would like to learn more about applying this easy to use package to their herd should contact JSR and ask to speak to a member of the sales team.

Click here to access Genepool Select

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