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The top 2% of JSR Genetics boars are selected for use within the JSR Genetics Semen Delivery Service (SDS) on their ability to improve the net return per slaughter pig on commercial pig farms.



AI ORDER & ENQUIRY LINE: 0800 97 98 99

No compromises, from start to finish

JSR semen undergoes numerous quality control checks throughout every process and procedure. This adherence to the very highest standards, including total biosecurity, provides you with peace of mind - and the best opportunity of achieving success.

All our AI Boars:

  • Come from fully health monitored JSR Genetics nucleus herds
  • Spend up to 8 weeks in off-site, pre-entry isolation
  • Are health checked prior to entry

JSR Genetics SDS Centres

JSR Genetics has 3 SDS centres strategically placed in the UK, linked via the JSR Genetics Cool Link courier delivery service. This, in combination with guaranteed RMSD mail, offers nationwide coverage and the ability to meet market demands with a quality service. The AI centres operate within their own quality control procedures; these cover all aspects of the SDS process including pig health procedures and hygiene standards. All JSR Genetics SDS centres are covered by the AHDB standard.

All SDS centres have:

  • Dedicated teams committed to the highest standard of operation
  • The highest standards of biosecurity
  • Weekly independent veterinary inspections to ensure good health

Cool Link  

Cool Link is the award-winning, temperature controlled pig semen delivery service from JSR Genetics.

Protecting your investment in JSR semen

To ensure that semen reaches you in the very best condition, JSR Genetics operate a delivery service featuring a fleet of customised, temperature controlled delivery vehicles.

  • Semen is transported at a constant temperature of 17°C, the optimum temperature for maintaining quality and fertility
  • An even airflow ensures a uniform temperature
  • Freshly delivered to farm
  • Award winning service for quality and performance

After delivery of the semen to your farm, we recommend the use of our specially developed Cool Locker storage box to maintain the semen temperature at 17°C. To maintain biosecurity this can be sited outside the farm as it is operated by either a 12-volt battery or mains electricity.


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