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As the foundation upon which JSR Genetics’ worldwide reputation has been built, our dam lines are the source of the valued attributes represented by our range of top quality breeding stock and semen.

The result of years of careful selection, our dam lines help to ensure that our customers can continue to meet the challenges of a changing market place and succeed within a global industry.


JSR dam lines are known for their excellent reproductive performance and strong mothering abilities. With an animal to suit your production system, whether indoor or outdoor, all producers can take advantage of the benefits of our genetics.

Sire lines

JSR sire lines are world-renowned, offering great performance, efficiency and consistency to pig producers. Our commitment to improving meat quality ensures that we are producing pigs that truly are fit for farm and fit for fork.


The top 2% of JSR Genetics boars are selected for use within the JSR Genetics Semen Delivery Service (SDS) on their ability to improve the net return per slaughter pig on commercial pig farms.

JSR Genepool Select

Genepool Select is a closed herd genetic management programme suitable for customers and businesses that require a low risk system for generating replacement parent gilts.

International Products

The JSR Genepacker 90 is our most prolific F1 indoor gilt produced from a first generation cross between our JSR Genepacker 1 (Large White) and JSR Genepacker 2 (Landrace) dam lines. This parent has an outstanding reputation compared to the competition for prolificacy, longevity and lower input requirements thanks to a smaller mature size.

Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms and conditions for the supply of pig products, as at August 2015

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