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JSR businesses team up to host ‘Best of British’ conference in China

11th July 2014

Three businesses under the JSR Farming Group umbrella have joined together to host a conference in China. The event focused on the best of British genetics and technical services available to make pig production companies in the nation more profitable.

Consultants from JSR’s agricultural consultancy business, Checkfarm, along with experts from JSR Genetics and its Chinese joint venture company, Hubei Jinxu JSR Breeding Ltd, hosted the event in Wuhan on Wednesday 25th July. The half-day conference followed on from the swine section of the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Seminar.

JSR’s Key Account Manager in China, Yolanda Hou, believed the event was an opportunity to build brand awareness for both JSR and Checkfarm in China, and promote the excellent standard of British genetics.

She said: “The event was a great chance for us to be able to introduce Checkfarm’s services and philosophy to the Chinese market and to build up a network of industry contacts including pig producers, professors from agricultural colleges, experts from academic institutes, pig equipment companies, pig production management companies and feed businesses.

“More than 100 people attended and we had a great deal of interest in some of our service packages - Select, PigCom and Genepool Select which are software programs used for genetic management and record keeping. The seminar was a great opportunity to show how these services can help make pig businesses more profitable”.
Chaired by Professor Jiang Siwen, from Huazhong Agriculture University, the conference included a talk from Checkfarm Director, Simon Grey on pig production and how to maximize profit. JSR Genetics’ Director of Science & Technology, Dr Grant Walling took to the stage to explain meat quality and the importance of a genetic programme.

The event also had a focus on ‘The value of professional and technical services to pig businesses’. David Zhan, CEO of 52swine.com, the conference’s media partner, looked at trend analysis in the Chinese pig industry and why Checkfarm’s services are needed in the country. Simon Grey also hosted a talk on the Pig Production Training programmes (PPT) and successful Checkfarm practices in Europe.


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