International Products

The JSR Genepacker 90 is our most prolific F1 indoor gilt produced from a first generation cross between our JSR Genepacker 1 (Large White) and JSR Genepacker 2 (Landrace) dam lines. This parent has an outstanding reputation compared to the competition for prolificacy, longevity and lower input requirements thanks to a smaller mature size.

Compared to our leading competitor, the JSR Genepacker 90 produces an extra 4.6 pigs born alive per sow per year, representing a valuable boost to your productivity and profitability. This is combined with up to 29% more sows surviving to parity 4 and 33% more sows surviving to parity 6, as demonstrated in independent trials compared to competitors' parent sows. The resulting lifetime profitability means the JSR Genepacker 90 is a prudent choice for pig production businesses planning a financially sustainable future.

JSR Genepacker 90