As the foundation upon which JSR Genetics’ worldwide reputation has been built, our dam lines are the source of the valued attributes represented by our range of top quality breeding stock and semen.

The result of years of careful selection, our dam lines help to ensure that our customers can continue to meet the challenges of a changing market place and succeed within a global industry.

L Line – Landrace

The L Line is a pure Norsvin Landrace dam line that has been bred since 1958 with no influence of any other genetics. Now developed by our genetics partners Topigs Norsvin, the L Line has been selected to combine slaughter pig efficiency and sow productivity. A prolific dam line that is recognised for its temperament and mothering ability.

  • Prolific: high weaning ability
  • Superior feed efficiency
  • High carcass quality
  • Lean growth

Z Line – Large White

The Z line is a pure bred dam line originating from the Large White; developed by our genetics partners Topigs Norsvin. Selected and known for prolificacy, the Z line is also widely recognised for its excellent mothering abilities and capability of rearing the large litters that it produces. Renowned for its reliable and manageable performance, the Z line continuously produces large numbers of lean and efficient progeny.

  • High fertility and low mortalities
  • Easy to manage and robust sow
  • Excellent mother

White Duroc

The White Duroc is a strong and vigorous line developed with genetic partners in the US and is a key component in our JSR Genepacker 150 outdoor F1 gilt. The White Duroc brings a strength and robustness to our female to ensure it continues to perform in the harshest of British winters.

Most recognisable due to its legendary leg strength, the White Duroc allows outdoor producers to achieve higher levels of prolificacy without increased sow mortality in the outdoor conditions. It also enables the most profitable coloured terminal sires to be used on outdoor gilts without deductions for pigmentation on slaughter contracts.