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About JSR Genetics

JSR Genetics has established a global brand for profitable pig production with an unparalleled range of top quality breeding stock and semen and an exemplary health scheme, which assures customers of total biosecurity. 

Our aim is to breed pigs that perform profitably for the producer and create pork which is of exceptional eating quality for the consumer.

Our unrivalled range of prolific dam-lines and robust sire lines offer efficiency and consistency to pig producers world-wide and our commitment to improving meat quality ensures that we are producing pigs that truly are fit for farm and fit for fork.

For many years we have worked with all sections of the pork supply chain to help meet these two objectives. We have developed breeds and lines that allow our customers and partners to gain a point of difference over their competitors. 

As we continue to develop a number of highly successful partnerships within the pork supply chain, our focus on meat quality has never been greater. We are proud to be a part of several partnerships with companies such as Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, and supply the Hampshire sire line as the foundation for their premium pork product ranges. 




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